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System supporting decision-making processes

ABI Business Intelligence

The greatest value of the ABI Business Intelligence system appreciated by many companies that use this solution, is not only its attractive price that fully reflects the benefits that can be achieved by a company that decides to use it, but also a very short implementation time. The process of implementation of ABI Business Intelligence into operation lasts two days. After that period analysis and reports are ready to be used in business and therefore support decision-making processes in key business areas.


The key benefits from using Business Intelligence:

  • Deliver timely and comprehensive information management to multiple recipients
  • Reducing the workload for creating reports and analyses
  • Presentation and control of the current situation of the company
  • Support the implementation of the planning and controlling of the company
  • Control and forecasting of stability of the company
  • Increasing the level of use of systems and information
  • The ability to focus on analysing the data, and not on their acquisition
  • Achieve the effect of motivation by information
  • Independence of analytical system's from changes in source systems
  • Simplifying IT infrastructure dedicated to reporting
  • Relieving the ERP system owned by company
  • Collecting financial and management information about the subsidiaries.


Streamsoft Business Intelligence allows the analyst:

  • Forecasting abnormal behaviour or transactions
  • Forecast support
  • Comparison any periods for the various parameters
  • Creating multi-dimensional analysis
  • Determining the percentage shares, and finding relationships between data
  • Building a diverse and multi-level indicators: KPI (Key Performance Indicators), BSC (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Access to BI from the browser (user-defined dashboard finished components)


Streamsoft Business Intelligence allows the manager:

  • Analysis visualization in the form of pivot tables and charts
  • Ad-hoc analysis, e.g. the degree of implementation of the plan, implementation of the budget, deviations
  • Comparison of specific periods using scorecards
  • Sending e-mail alerts regarding overflows
  • Sending an email with BI reports
  • Simultaneous analysis of the same areas of the business and its subsidiaries through consolidation options
  • Access to BI from the browser (user-defined dashboard finished components).

Centrum Usług
Informatycznych KOMP-NET
ul. Bóżnicza 1/35
61-751 Poznań
tel. +48 793 282 488

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