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Streamsoft Prestige. Medium and large companies

About the system

Streamsoft Prestige is an integrated set of modules serving all business processes it is also a very efficient, flexible tool which undoubted benefit is the short implementation time. Module design allows introduction of some, or all components simultaneously, or in desired order.

Business processes support

Streamsoft Prestige system supports key business processes that occur within an enterprise and its implementation helps to describe and model company’s processes correctly, monitor them, analyse and improve if necessary.


Our system is able to cooperate with different external devices listed below:

  • Cash registers
  • Fiscal printers
  • Data collectors
  • PDA devices
  • Touch panels
  • Electronic scales
  • Bar code printers
  • Bar code scanners

Benefits for the customer:

  • Work improvement
  • Reduction and control of costs
  • Control and reduction of the inventory
  • Quicker exchange of information
  • Better respond to customer expectations
  • Adjustment to Polish and EU legislation


System Modules



Modern and relational database with SQL interface designed in client-server architecture which guarantees high resistance to any malfunctions of network locations. It is used to store and process data collected within the system. . It helps to lower the network load and At the same time raise the network performance wchich is Essentials for processing large amount of data. Data can be easily analysed with use of Microsoft application such as Excel and Access as well as other applications using ODBC mechanisms.

  • What comes with the implementation of the system
  • Increase of safety, stability and reliability.
  • Allows multi-branch companies to work in real time
  • Reducing workload associated with the introduction and processing of data
  • Adaptation to the individual and unique needs of the client with the ability parameterization and configuration
  • System is easy to update
  • All company data is integrated within a central database
  • Shorten the production cycle and reduce inventory
  • Unification of the producers all over the company
  • Ensuring the cooperation of all levels of the company
  • Assisting decision-making process based on advanced compilation and analysis

Production control using the KANBAN method


Kanban – it is a production control method that developed in Japan in the fifties. The word Kanban in free translation can be disposed of as "visible inventory". This method is based on individual data sheets its circulation and analysis. Kanban has developed and today it is also an information system, planning system, distribution and control of operations and production tasks. It is based on such organization of the manufacturing process where each organizational unit produced exactly as much at the moment is needed. In this method the inventory control is considered to be a critical factor for the materials management.


Briefly the idea of Kanban captures the password "7 x no":

  • No shortage
  • No delays
  • No reserve
  • No queues – anywhere, for anything
  • No idleness
  • No unnecessary technological operations and controls,
  • No movements


A characteristic feature of this method is the practical elimination of pre-production, interoperable and finished products warehouses. The materials and semi-finished products are delivered from suppliers with hourly precision, thanks to the reserves of production capacity and flexibility of the manufacturing process it is possible to produce almost any item at any time, and production orders are closely synchronized with orders received from customers.


Centrum Usług
Informatycznych KOMP-NET
ul. Bóżnicza 1/35
61-751 Poznań
tel. +48 793 282 488

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