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Streamsoft Verto

Streamsoft Verto System – a new era of Business IT software.

What we offer is a modern ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) which supports the management of the key areas of the company. Its uniqueness stems from the combination of the best features of closed systems - containing a set of functionality - and open systems that can be freely extended in terms of user expectations. Thanks to use of modern technologies and taking into account their dynamic development - Streamsoft Verto users will be able to forget phrases like "outdated", "not keeping-up to the changes", "not undergoing expansion".

Technological advancement of Streamsoft Verto is most visible in the possibility to use any database engine during system implementation - relational databases both commercial and open source.



Advantages of the system

A multi-language interface allows using Streamsoft Verto for process management in companies located in different countries. Companies which have its branches either in Poland and abroad are able to use one, consistent system.

The multi-layer design of the system allows the user to switch between commercial and open-source database engines, boost performance, easier expansion of IT services within the company and eliminates various kinds of linguistic and technological constraints.

Multi-component design of the system provides the user with an unlimited range of possibilities of development of system functionality and creation of dedicated solutions. Thanks to the module design it is possible to implement complete parts of the system depending on the IT related needs of the customer and the dynamics of his company’s development.







System usage models

The traditional model is the most popular way of using ERP systems. Service model is a popular alternative; it allows using cloud-hosted system. In the traditional way of using Streamsoft Verto the entrepreneur (user) needs to purchase IT hardware, software licences, introduces the software, cares for resource development (both hardware and software upgrades).

In the service model the entrepreneur (user) needs to care for sustainable Internet connection, all other aspects related to resources, hardware, software and the cost of its maintenance are delegated to the external supplier.

Streamsoft Verto is available as a cloud-hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) system.

Data security issues are always key to the management company because the information is one of the most valuable company resources. The system is equipped with mechanisms and procedures that guarantee users a high level of security of processed and stored data.

Streamsoft Verto in its service model allows the user to be „detached” from his working area, with a locally installed version of the application and pursue various economic functions from any device (laptop, tablet, phone) having a connection to the Internet.



System modules:


Project management

The system supports proper division of work within a particular project, scheduling work steps and monitoring them.


Technical Support

The module allows repair history and serviceman work analysis. It automates the process of issuing documents such as repair orders, inventory documents, and sales documents.



Improves handling settlements, liabilities and receivables on any day, data analysis and performing activities related to debt collection.


Warehouse logistics

It provides assistance of the inventory management process.


CRM relations with the customer

The module allows the registration, scheduling and tracking the implementation of recorded events. Events are matters, tasks, projects, contacts, which relate to contractors the company or its employees.



It supports sales processes within the company.


Finance and accounting

Supports the work of the accounting department in enterprises of various profiles, enables attribution and accounting documents in any currency.



Streamline processes and the division of their company at various stages of implementation.


Fixed Assets

This module supports record keeping, inventory and depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets, and allows the inclusion of depreciation in terms of the balance sheet and tax.



Allows management of warehouse inventory and materials.


Warehouse management

The module is designed to keep multi-warehouse commodity economy and serviced storage locations. It also supports the work of sales and supply department through the use of electronic document exchange, developed system of agreements, pricing, promotion, "giveaway" and the current control of receivables and payables.


Reports and analysis

Module allows self-definition and execution of individual summaries, analyses, forms and labels based on data collected in all other system modules.



The module allows automated purchasing and cost processes, streamlines document creation as well as defining of delivery conditions, price controls and deadlines.


Administrator module

This module was designed to administer the system, it allows you to grant individual users with access rights to companies, modules, functions and features, and allows you to specify groups of system operators, their competences and scope of their work


Centrum Usług
Informatycznych KOMP-NET
ul. Bóżnicza 1/35
61-751 Poznań
tel. +48 793 282 488

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