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Destiny platform

The Petra company has designed and developed an application platform called "Destiny" which is used for quick creation of databases applications in modern way. The purpose of the platform is to give the user, who isn't a software developer, tools by which he will be able to create an application with many great capabilities, adapted to the end user. Thanks to the "Destiny" the creating of dedicated software is faster, cheaper and much easier.


Simple databases applications can be made in a few hours and will be containing such mechanisms as:

- internationalization and localization – the same data in

different languages for different users,

- possibility of online/ offline working with automatic

mode switching,

- standard data operations (adding / deleting / editing)

and advanced (full-text search, group operations, exports,

copying the whole data to the clipboard),

- Web API.


Destiny - one platform multiple possibilities


Platform capabilities:

Destiny platform is a fresh and unique software development platform with which you can create or expand business software in your company with new capabilities like:

- multilanguage

- reports

- combining data from different sources (different software even from other geo localization)

- B2B capabilities (connect your to other with on-the fly data transformation)

- controling capabilities (e-mail reports, alarms, SMS)

- offline working (when software is used over the Internet any client can work even without connection without any restrictions - data is synchronized when connection is back)

- user friendly desktop interface - special Internet Database Destiny Viewer

- mobile access (Android, iOS)

- comfortable  interface

- World Wide Web fronted


Benefits - faster means cheaper

Fast software implementation in your company because:

- platform components are ready to use and needs minimum effort to make it work

- many of capabilities can be implemented on site

- flexible platform - almost every component can be added/modified/removed

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for

- new capabilities for you existing business software

- new business software based on modern platform

- platform with B2B capabilities


Centrum Usług
Informatycznych KOMP-NET
ul. Bóżnicza 1/35
61-751 Poznań
tel. +48 793 282 488

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